Positive Whiteness is based out of Los Angeles but aims to work with partners around the globe. Please reach out to us through email or social media for anything at all and we’ll respond as quickly as we can. If you need help or know of anyone or any organization that needs help, reach out.

Email is the official form of communication and if you want to contact Positive Whiteness, we have a few options for you.


For all charitable endeavors use this email. Let us know places we can send resources to, either financial or physical. 

To fight hate and racism alert us through this email. If you know of people or groups that have been victimized in any way, let us know and we’ll be there to stand against the hate groups and provide assistance to the victims.

For general miscellaneous communication, email us here. 



For all media inquiries and partnership opportunities, email us here.

For media creation partnerships and ways to engage with society through digital communication, use this email.

For ideas on how to build a Positive White culture and identity, send ideas and thoughts here.

Social media is our modern form of communication so if you would like to engage us on that front, here are the major platforms to do it.