Creating a White identity that exists in harmony and equality with all.

Positive Whiteness:

Psychologically works in 3 ways.

  • Give a powerful alternative to what Whiteness means to counteract destructive White culture by creating a positive White culture.
  • Create positive, unifying, and constructive perception for People of Color and White people.
  • Model after other Identity-based organizations with an “improve all” approach.

The Organization works in 4 ways.

  • Create systems and study to build the psychological approach.
  • Use social media and media to build positive White culture and take charitable action.
  • Fight racism and hate through action and creating methods to bring people away from hate organizations and ideologies.
  • Engage in charitable initiatives to help all people and create positive unity.

Positive Whiteness is a nonpartisan “support everyone” White Community interrace organization dedicated to charitable work, positive culture, fighting racism, and creating media to build a greater world for all. Positive Whiteness was created to counter the destructive way that Whiteness has been used in our time by being a Whites organization for positive unity, creation, and love. In short, a Whites organization for Good!

Positive Whiteness is a system that looks to delink “Whiteness” from its negative and destructive history and behavior. Instead, it will link Whiteness to a positive history and constructive behavior to take positive action to improve race relations in America and around the world. 

At Positive Whiteness, we are an organization that is “for everyone”. Democrat or Republican. Conservative or Liberal. No matter your identity, race, class, religion, nationality, and beyond, Positive Whiteness is an organization that seeks to help people, improve all people, see the best in all people, and work towards positive unity. Our approach is to help make a society not divided by our differences but united by our similarities. This way of thinking sits at the core of what Positive Whiteness does.

The Positive Whiteness system works in two major parts, in a psychological approach and an actionable organization. 

The psychological approach works in three major ways.

The first objective of Positive Whiteness is to give a powerful alternative to what Whiteness means to White people who would normally only associate Whiteness with racist, white supremacist, and destructive behavior. 

In history when Whiteness is invoked it is used in the service of evil and discriminatory action. Evil such as White Supremacy, racism against non-Whites and other Whites, systematic oppression, neo-Nazism, colonialism, and fascism. Examples such as The KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, and so forth are groups that would invoke Whiteness in discriminatory and destructive ways.

As countries have diversified and people’s views of themselves have globalized, many White people in America and around the world are seeing themselves as a race for the first time and developing a racial identity because of it. 

People become the identity they see themselves as, as shown by Social Identity Theory. Social Identity Theory in short “refers to the ways that people’s self-concepts are based on their membership in social groups. Examples include sports teams, religions, nationalities, occupations, sexual orientation, ethnic groups, and gender.” You become what you see yourself as. Since many White people are seeing themselves as a race for the first time, they are searching for “What it means to be White”. Concurrently we are seeing an explosive growth of White Supremacist propaganda, White Supremacy groups are growing globally at an accelerated rate, and White Supremacists as the biggest domestic terror threat in America. 

Positive Whiteness aims to fight back against this by creating a Positive White Identity to associate with.

The second part is for people who aren’t White to see Whiteness in a positive light. For People of Color (POC) / Non-White individuals and groups, their only experience with Whiteness is malicious organizations and ideologies using it in a discriminatory way against them. This leads to fear, mistrust, and material damage between White people and People of Color which further accelerates division, suffering, and violence. Instead, Positive Whiteness would celebrate and build up the identities of POC people and groups to develop goodwill and inspire positive action for POC people and groups. Seeing White people take on a positive White identity, and seeing POC in a positive light, will be the foundation for building trust, positive unity, and improvement with People of Color and all people.

The third part is to then take an all-improving, positive action-based approach to the world. Black Americans have a history of sticking up for those that are fighting to be free around the world. Jewish-Americans support “Tikkun Olam” which means to perform acts of kindness to repair the world. Muslim organizations speak out again radicalism in their communities and take action to help the less fortunate. White people would approach the world in the same way. Either through self-improvement or the improvement of others, the Positive Whiteness method would work to make one’s self better and people around the world better.

The actionable organization works in four ways.

The first way is Positive Whiteness as an organization would build the psychological approach of a Positive White Identity that is outlined above through scholarship, research, analysis, and actualization. Systems for self-improvement would be developed and approaches for improvement of POC, White, and all people would be established. 

The second way is we would create a global media delivery system to actualize positive identities for all, create positive perception for all and be able to bring people together to take action. This would manifest itself on all major media and social media platforms through messaging, various forms of media content, and many other eclectic approaches. Perception defines action and we would create systems to highlight the ways all people do good in the world and push back against hate and extremism in all forms.

The third way would be to fight racism and hate in the White community and such. Positive Whiteness would provide a place for people who engage in destructive and negative ideology and behavior to reform and turn to positive identity and action. We will create pathways to bring White people in who engage in racist and hateful ideas and guide them into a constructive and neoteric state. We would also stand strong against hate and fight it if need be.

The fourth way is to unify through charity. Taking positive action to help the powerless, the poor, and the disenfranchised is the core of how Positive Whiteness works. A society that seeks to lift up, build, create and bring to life is the highest form of the human ideal. Whether it’s donating money, taking physical action, or engaging in innovative ways to help all people is at the heart of Positive Whiteness. It’s what makes us different. It’s what will make the world different. And better.

That is Positive Whiteness and how it works. While the process and way of thinking/approach are very defined… it will evolve as action is taken and results are analyzed. How we think about this, how we apply it, and how we perceive it will adapt and grow over time. But the seed idea will remain the same. The Positive Whiteness maxim is, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Learn to love what you are no matter who you are, and when you learn how to love yourself then you’ll truly know how to love others. Then we will take action to help all people. Seeing the positives in all people and taking action from that perspective will be the foundation for what Positive Whiteness is and how it works. 

Being a Neighbor, driven by Love, for all.

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