“If you give yourself to the hungry, and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light will rise in darkness and your gloom will become like midday.”

Charity is an element of humanity that truly makes us human. For while our natural want is to join with those who have success, the mark of a greater purpose is to uplift those who have faced loss. Charity is an important part of our community and our global history. What makes charity important though is that it doesn’t just aid the struggling, but illuminates us to the malaise that causes that suffering. We at Positive Whiteness seek to use this element of our community to incentivize a positive White culture, cultivate mutual trust, and because we believe that everyone is worth it. Most importantly though, we don’t engage in charity to make ourselves feel better or to feel better than others… but to others better.

This section will highlight the various initiatives and charitable endeavors being coordinated by Positive Whiteness and our affiliates.


Positive Whiteness is currently in the startup process for actionable charitable, philanthropic and social endeavors to help various American and global communities. Here you will find a running list of potential work and/or planned events. However consider this list a template, as the range of charitable work is far more extensive than the initial approach. However the model will always remain the same. “Make everyone better and equal.”


Help Chicago: Chicago African-American community outreach, safety work, and city clean-up. Take action to bring many into these communities to beautify and enrich our fellow Americans. Also, provide financial support for victims of city violence.

Fighting Anti-Semitism: With anti-semitic incidences at an all-time high, Positive Whiteness will provide aid to Jewish victims, clean up any desecrated synagogues or sites, and create media to show our positive relationship.

Appalachian Whites: Help visit rural and poor White communities in Appalachia and others areas to create accelerated systems to lift up those in poverty and squalor. Also, develop tools and education to combat the opioid crisis.

Darly Davis Q&A: Organize an event to recognize his achievements and to learn from him. Create systems to emulate those who have excelled in fighting hate and ways to celebrate their accomplishments.

Ukrainian War Support: Work to provide shelter, financial aid, food, and support for Ukrainian refugees. This work will be used as a template to help refugees in Africa and the Middle East as well.

Hispanic Highlight: Bring together Hispanic and White groups to highlight the Hispanic contributions to the White Community and White contributions to the Hispanic community.

Asian Hate Crime Help: We will work to provide resources to aid in education and self-defense for the Asian American community. Media will also be created to highlight the positive relationship between White Community and the Asian community.

More initiatives and charitable work beyond this to follow.


Charity being a unifying force for good is one of the most easily understood and least controversial positions one can take. Throughout many societies of all the ages, those who helped people in distress and improved the lives of others were seen as pillars of their community and widely respected. This is because charity serves as a reminder of a greater ideal. That we’re not animals defined by survival of the fittest, but instead we’re a people serving a greater spirit of prosperity and harmony for all.

Considering the modern division and mistrust among the different ethnic and racial communities around the world, charitable giving can serve as a great way to heal wounds and build connections. Charity is also an excellent way to generate constructive interactions, raise the perceptions of all involved, and create positive lasting relationships.

By giving and helping “In the name of White and Whiteness”, it allows for White society to counteract these destructive White ideologies by repairing their damage. Not only can charity help all communities grow, but it can isolate those that stand against that as well.

While Positive Whiteness caters to White individuals and the White Community, we wholeheartedly welcome People of Color (POC) / Non-White people and groups to join us. Positive Whiteness aims to help POC and White people so your giving will be universal in nature. Further, it will send a message to many members of the White Community that POC / Non-White individuals also are supportive of a society that sees Whiteness in a positive light. In final, the ideal of Positive Whiteness is to build a culture of positive perception of POC / Non-White communities, the White Community, and all communities at large which leads to further positive action.

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