This section will highlight several aspects of fighting racism and hate. Hate, prejudice, and ignorance are diseases that have afflicted all societies through human history and the Global White Community is no different. At Positive Whiteness, we deeply believe in the values of positive culture and social unity. Most importantly, that we all can overcome and change ourselves for the better. For if we can’t change ourselves, then how can we ever truly expect to change the world?

This material represents the talking points to push back against these hate groups in general social interactions. They’re the beginning materials and strategies to fight groups and ideologies that practice racism and bigotry. Going forward this section will soon be rapidly filled with specific information on targeted anti-hate strategies and materials


Since the year 2000, hate groups have experienced a rapid level of growth in America, fueled by the rise of the internet and demographic changes. Concurrently, race relations have fallen to their lowest levels on record. 70% of Americans are worried a great deal to a fair amount about race relations and 68% of all Americans are very to somewhat dissatisfied.

Positive Whiteness seeks to solve this problem using a different series of ideas and methods from what has been done in the past.

As demographics change and society has globalized, many White individuals have found themselves transformed from American/European/South American/etc. to their racial identifier label of White. Also, many countries are wrestling with the ethical and moral questions of their diverse and diversifying societies. This creates a major opportunity for many of these hate groups, as they prey on the fear people can have of each other. For Whiteness, these hate groups preach a cultural dogma of what it means to be “White” without any other group to counteract them.

What Positive Whiteness does, is it creates a “Whites Organization” dedicated to equality, charity, and unity for all people of all races and identities. This approach to Positive Whiteness blunts the two main weapons of hate groups. Hate groups are usually defined by a shared identity and exclusionary psychology. Firstly, by Positive Whiteness creating a White association, it helps to funnel White individuals away from hate groups that they would otherwise end up in. Secondly, creating an infrastructure that develops positive perception, positive relationships, and an “everyone benefits” approach, creates an incentive for White individuals to join because they will experience material gain, social commendation, and heightened emotional and mental well-being by being a part of Positive Whiteness.

Here is a test case example of how Positive Whiteness would work.

  1. White individuals in search of a feeling of self-worth and identity search online for “White groups”.
  2. White individual sees hate groups like the KKK/Neo-Nazis/White Supremacists, but then also sees Positive Whiteness.
  3. White individual sees Positive Whiteness as creating a White Culture designed to lift everyone up and not tear people down which appeals to our higher nature.
  4. White individual sees approving media/social attention to Positive Whiteness.
  5. Positive social reinforcement then drives this White individual to associate with Positive Whiteness and become a partner in the mission.
  6. White individual engages in positive culture and actions for people of all races and identities which leads to societal approval.
  7. The word gets out about the well-being and approval for being a part of Positive Whiteness and more extremist White individuals are brought in.

On the internet, ideas can’t be de-platformed as new platforms for hate will be created. Thus the bad ideas of the KKK/Neo-Nazis/White Supremacists are able to propagate with nothing to stop them. This means the current approach is in error. Instead, the solution to these bad ideas is that they must be fought with good ideas. By creating a competitive cultural and ideological system against these groups that allows White individuals to realize their identity and culture in positive and constructive ways, it will create a mechanism that will blunt future growth for these extremist organizations. As long as Positive Whiteness exists, these other groups will now find themselves forced to fight on another front and experience follower bleed out as they lose people to Positive Whiteness. Also considering that these hate groups can fuel the rise of anti-White hate groups, Positive Whiteness also provides a mechanism for flushing out the extremists on all sides. By creating a conduit for harmony and equality, the conflict-driven extremist forces that are being an obstacle to unity will be isolated and thus easier to identify. 

As a note: Hate Groups and people hold a wide variety of beliefs. Because of the possible wide spectrum of beliefs, people who aren’t part of Hate Groups will sometimes hold beliefs that are also the same as Hate Groups. For example, there are Hate Groups that want bigger government and there are hate groups that want smaller government. There are hate groups that want to preserve the Constitution and there are hate groups that want to change the Constitution.

As a matter of policy, we only define Hate Groups and individuals as people who are openly advocating for Hate based policies. If someone has similar beliefs as a member of a Hate Group but does not consider themselves part of that group, we will not consider them as one. Other organizations might, but our process is judging people as they are. We, of course, will be wise to the true intentions of people and if they qualify they will get the label, but by default, we will work at face value.


White Nationalism has been a long-running fringe movement that has exploded in numbers and visibility over the last few years. White Nationalism has many flaws in its ideology and the following paragraphs should give an easy explanation of why White Nationalism should be rejected by the White Community. 


    1. White Nationalism is immoral. With a world of diverse moral systems, every nation has reached the point where no modern nation expects to have its country be a single identity society. Again, in all modern cultures and religions, not a single one expects any society to be a single identity society. White Nationalists often draw on the historical nature of White people to justify their beliefs and we will address this. Positive Whiteness also draws on the universally agreed moral values of Judeo-Christian, American and Humanistic systems to inform our ethical and cultural norms. So we’ll show how White Nationalism is a violation of all three. Firstly from the Judeo-Christian perspective, many White Nationalists are oriented around these religious ideals because of the historical Judeo-Christian nature of White people around the world. On that front, nowhere in any Bible translation is anything that would support the idea of an exclusionary race-based system to build a nation. While some White Nationalists like to draw on the stories on stories in the Bible that talk about having land for a people, the reality is that Jesus has made it clear that in him identity doesn’t exist. Galatians 3:28 states that “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ”. Whether you are a Christian or not, the underlying way of thinking is that the defining nature of one who is morally correct exists in a world post-identity. Thus, clinging to an identity-based nation is a rejection of God and immoral. From the American perspective, at no point in the Declaration of Independence or the history of the US Constitution was the USA to be made for any race of people. Discriminatory laws were passed, but the foundational documents never had any such measure. And lastly from a Humanistic perspective, nowhere in modern humanism does it permit having an identity-only nation.

    3. White Nationalism is impossible. The reason for this is that no one can even define Whiteness and figure out who is White. So how can you create a nation when you can’t even figure out who is in it? Furthermore, who gets to decide who is White? And what makes it so they get to decide who is White? In addition, in the global society that we have now, it’s without question that on day 1 of this nation that exceptions will have to be made to this Whites only society. What if the nation needs help from a non-White nation because of political or military concerns? What if there are more industrious members of another race that could come in and benefit the population at large which would help White people? Are they banned? Will tourism from other countries exist? How would trade work? The whole system is illogical and inconceivable on all fronts.

    5. White Nationalism is psychologically destructive for the White Community. The key tenant of White Nationalism is that you’re supposed to weed out the non-White population. The key element to focus on is that this is a weeding out/separating/discriminatory system. It creates the mentality for White people that you are cutting off, pushing away, and breaking apart. From a human perspective, this wipes out our empathetic nature and normalizes division-based impulses. Instead of having a constructive and unifying society, it becomes a more destructive and combative one. White Nationalism is destructive to your psychological and social nature.

    7. White Nationalism is anti-logic/science. The ironic thing about this is that White Nationalists like to claim that they are science-based and that it’s political correctness that blocks their viewpoints. The truth though is that everyone is biased for their belief system and that White Nationalists are no different. The reality is that it would be a miracle for White Nationalists to be right about all their scientific viewpoints when no group is right about all of their viewpoints. It’s actually beyond a miracle, it’s impossible that life is that simple. Further White Nationalists believe that every White person in their population would come to the same scientific conclusions if they weren’t censored. So what would happen? White Nationalists would then try to crush and censor all scientific findings that would show the errors of White Nationalism or their interpretation of it. Especially because this science would be a threat to their very nation and the power brokers who made it. Then, the way a hammer looks for a nail, this anti-science creed would expand to attack things that are only tangentially related to White Nationalism. The fear of anything that could threaten their system would turn them into an anti-logic tyranny force instantly.

    9. White Nationalism is a global threat to White and non-White people. The Global White Community is a small minority, representing only 16% of the global population and the majority in only 32% of all countries. White Nationalism by nature is a threat to non-White communities and thus puts them in defensive/combative situations and makes Whiteness a threatening brand to them. A positioning of the world against Whiteness is a major threat to the Global White Community. As such White Nationalism must be ruthlessly fought against. Lastly, the White Nationalists and their ideas cause Whites to become violent, threatening, and destructive to non-Whites. People of Color are our brothers and sisters of humanity and a part of our global family. Anyone who hurts our family is no friend of ours. In every way, White Nationalism is bad for everyone.


White Supremacy is the belief by some people that White people should be able to hold power and domination over those who are not White. At Positive Whiteness, we are vehemently against it for many reasons. This should be a simple thing for everyone to be against. Yet due to the current ideological and moral climate this article spelling out why it is evil, must be done. In this section, we debunk White Supremacy and point out how White Supremacists are a threat to all communities.

  1. White Supremacy is immoral. Positive Whiteness draws on the universally agreed moral values of Judeo-Christian, American and Humanistic cultures to inform our ethical and cultural norms. Nowhere in any religious text or translation does it call for any idea that any birth identity of people should be able to dominate and hold domain over another group of people. In fact, White Supremacy is clearly a system that enslaves people and thus makes anyone who practices it a slaver.  As it says in Galatians “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery.” Further, the American ideal that “we are all created equal” stands in direct opposition to White Supremacy. Also, universal humanistic ideals are against this as they call for a humane and compassionate society. That judges the consequences of human action by the well-being of all life on earth. Those who wish to oppress any group for any reason are thus a moral enemy of all of humanity.
  3. White Supremacy’s existence is impossible. The reason for this is that no one can even define Whiteness and figure out who is White. Here at Positive Whiteness, we know that this is a constantly evolving understanding and that nothing is set in stone. How can you have one group of people be supreme over another when you cannot even figure out who is in your group? Furthermore, who gets to decide who is White? What makes it so they get to decide who is White? White Supremacy as such is a system that will threaten all people in their urge to create an unequal and destructive society.
  5. White Supremacy is against White Culture. White majority countries are global leaders in Democracy & Republicanism, Human Rights, Global Charity, Minority Rights, Empowering Women, Education & Science, and Peace. This is now who we are. White Supremacists stand against our progress, good in the world, culture, and moral way of being.
  7. White Supremacy ignores the enslaved history of the global White Community. The idea that Whites have existed in a state of supremacy over the world ignores the fact that almost all members of the Global White Community have come from a slave background as serfs. European history is one where Feudalism was practiced and the citizens of Europe largely lived as Serfs, in forced bondage to their land, and used as laborers without freedom. The idea that these people who had little rights are some supreme group above all ignores this very fact.
  9. White Supremacy ignores that other races have been supreme over White/European people at various points in history. During the Barbary Slave Trade, millions of White Europeans were taken to Africa as slaves. Huge sections of Western and Eastern Europe were taken over during various early Muslim Conquests and the Ottoman Empire. You can’t be some special supreme people if others have been supreme over you. 


Fascism is the belief in an unelected leader holding vast and unchecked power over the population at large. At Positive Whiteness, we are a pro-Democracy/Republic organization and are thus arch enemies of those who espouse Fascism. Fascism is a totalitarian system that is immoral, strips away the rights of the common citizen, and almost always leads to spiritual rot, dystopianism, and war. We will explain why Fascism is a threat to the White Community.

  1. Fascism is immoral. The idea that another human being should have unchecked control over others is essentially a system that enslaves the population at large. The vast majority of people around the globe universally agree that slavery is an immoral system that humanity must stand against. Fascism is also not supported by Judeo-Christian, American or Humanistic systems. As The Bible states in Matthew “Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister. And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” This passage involved the rejection of the at the time gentile way where princes rule over people. Jesus’s message to the crowd that “who is great among you, let him be your minister” is key in that the underlying message is that the people choose who guides them. And secondly the part “And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” sends the message this person you is here to serve you. Fascists leave no room for the choice of the people while in power. Further, as we see from history Fascists serve not the people but their own interests and worldview. For the American system of “Live, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” stands in contradiction to fascists who historically always take away life, restrict liberty and strip away happiness from the people. From a humanistic approach, democratic systems are foundational because it means that every person is involved in the political process which is the opposite of fascism. Thus as clearly as it can be seen, Fascism is immoral for the White Community.
  3. Fascism is anti-White. In Democracies and Republics, the power of the government stems from the power of the vote and their vote. Fascism essentially strips away the power these people have. Thus, supporting Fascism in “White societies” strips away power from these White individuals and communities. While other promises may be made about empowering these people in other ways, the real power, the power of the vote, is stripped away from them. This also sends the message that these White people are “not intelligent enough” or “incapable” of their own destiny and autonomy. This is offensive in every way to White people. Lastly, this perception regarding the mental abilities of White people sends the message to POCs / Non-Whites that White people are incapable of their own self-determination. Fascism thus is the enemy of an empowered White individuals and White Communities.
  5. Fascism kills White people. There are pro-fascist White people who love the likes of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in the growing fringes of society. Their saviors of Hitler and Mussolini are men who killed more White people than any person or movement in history. 50-80 million people died in WWII, the vast majority of them from White/White ancestry countries. Adolf Hitler and his fascist friends have been rejected by all societies for many reasons, and their destruction of White people is one of many reasons why. In any White society, fascists will inevitably pull people into a conflict that will lead to the deaths of the White individuals in that society and in other societies. Fascists are a threat to the physical body of the White Community and must never succeed.
  7. Fascism makes people treat the White community as a threat. Because of the history of White fascists, there now exists an existential fear of White leaders because of what Hitler and their kind have done. The love of one’s country, a normal and healthy exercise, is now considered to be something fascist in nature by many because of the destructive work of actual fascists. Their threatening nature thus causes people to be threatened by White leaders who are doing normal government affairs. Fascist leaders anywhere in the world damage the effectiveness of governance and advocacy of the White Community. 


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