Positive Whiteness is a global White Community interrace organization dedicated to bringing unity to race relations by creating a positive White Culture and using charity to uplift people around the world.


Change Your Self. Change The World.


Positive Whiteness is a nonpartisan “support everyone” White Community interrace organization dedicated to charitable work, positive culture, fighting racism, and creating media to build a greater world for all. In short, a Whites organization for Good! Positive Whiteness was created to counter the destructive way that Whiteness has been used in our time by being a Whites organization for positive unity, creation, and love. Positive Whiteness is every sense a revolutionary idea for White/European people, a place for any person who wants to engage in new ways of thinking and action with an innovative approach to global race relations. See the best in all, be the best for all, and create a better society FOR ALL. Welcome to Positive Whiteness.


Positive Whiteness is currently in the startup process for actionable charitable, philanthropic and social endeavors to help various American and global communities. Here you will find a running list of potential work and/or planned events. However consider this list a template, as the range of charitable work is far more extensive than the initial approach. However the model will always remain the same. “Make everyone better and equal.”


Help Chicago: Chicago African-American community outreach, safety work and city clean-up. Take action to bring many into these communities to beautify and enrich our fellow Americans. Also, provide financial support for victims of city violence.

Fighting Anti-Semitism: With anti-semitic incidences at an all-time high, Positive Whiteness will provide aid to Jewish victims, clean up any desecrated synagogues or sites, and create media to show our positive relationship.

Appalachian Whites: Help visit rural and poor White communities in Appalachia and others areas to create accelerated systems to lift up those in poverty and squalor. Also, develop tools and education to combat the opioid crisis.

Darly Davis Q&A: Organize an event to recognize his achievements and to learn from him. Generate methods to emulate those who have excelled in fighting hate and ways to celebrate their accomplishments.

Ukrainian War Support: Work to provide shelter, financial aid, food, and support for Ukrainian refugees. This work will be used as a template to help refugees in Africa and the Middle East as well.

Hispanic Highlight: Bring together Hispanic and White groups to highlight the Hispanic contributions to the White Community and White contributions to the Hispanic community.

Asian Hate Crime Help: We will work to provide resources to aid in education and self-defense for the Asian American community. Media will also be created to highlight the positive relationship between White Community and the Asian community.

More initiatives and charitable work beyond this to follow.


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For Positive Whiteness, we believe true change comes from within. People become what they see themselves as, so developing a positive culture and identity is the core of our work and of any community as they look to contribute to the world. Here, articles, videos, and media will be generated to accomplish this very goal.

Something must be done. In this article, Stephen Grey of Positive Identity breaks down how the modern collapse in race relations and the escalating violence require revolutionary thinking. Positive Whiteness is just that.

The global White Community are historic leaders in perpetuating Democracy & Republicanism. To succeed as a White individual means to engage in a civic system that rejects fascism, communism, and monarchism, and embraces freedom and empowerment for all. 

Human Rights come from an Enlightenment-era ideal that all people have inherent rights by natural law. Since that spark, the ideals of fair trials, protection against slavery, prohibition of genocide, free speech, and a right to education have become a global mission.

Since the post-WWII era, White Majority countries have taken an accelerated effort to end global poverty, starvation, and sickness. In that time, just the governments alone have donated around $2 trillion to African, Latin American, and Asian countries. Further, many individuals have done tremendous work in this area.

In the modern era, tremendous achievements have been made in women’s rights and designing systems with equality in mind. The global White Community has been a leader in providing women around the world with opportunity, happiness, and civil rights.

In history, minority populations in countries around the world would almost always face discrimination. The global White Community has taken on the admirable task of overcoming this condition by providing protections for minority groups and empowering them through government and cultural initiatives.

A society that values science, education, and knowledge is a society that advances to greatness. For if we know the world, all that once seemed impossible, becomes possible. Around the globe, the White Community has taken to the noble endeavor of academic research and scientific excellence.

World Peace. It’s a sky-high ideal, shared by many around the world. From the deeply religious priest to the secular scientist, the hope of a society without war, division, and hate is one we all dream of. That dream is one the global White Community has deeply embraced.


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