Positive Whiteness has a clear dream. A dream of a world built around positive unity. Where people of all races, societies, and communities see the good in each other and are driven to work together to create a more perfect world.

This is the dream that believes in the greatest form of humanity. One where we don’t see our existence as one where we are competing against each other, where one side loses and the other side wins, but one where all of humanity must win or all humanity has lost.

The nature of winning vs. losing is an abstract one. Our tagline is, “A Whites Organization for Good!”. While simple in nature, it’s extremely complex. Because the great question is, “What is good?”

What is good is easy to understand and yet endlessly complex. We understand that Democracy & Republicanism, Human Rights, Global Charity, and so forth are good things. The search for truth and the love of humanity is a universal good. Yet what that means isn’t always easy. That study, of the nature of morality and what is morally right is a core journey of Positive Whiteness. Those that feel the answers are only simple, or that the answers are only complex aren’t quite right. While some of these answers are simple, others are not. That is our philosophy.

But it’s not enough to just develop an eclectic scholarship on the nature of what is morally right, but it is imperative to act on what is right. To put that rightness into action. Because anyone can say they are a good person, but until you actually “are” a good person, then you have not completed your journey. Also importantly, we need to test that “goodness”. We can think something is good, but there are times when we try to do what is good, only to find out we did something bad and made things worse. We have to test what is good. Embracing the trial and error, failure then success approach allows us to work through the complex problems of today to find positive solutions for tomorrow.

Positive Whiteness is a non-ideological non-partisan organization. This is done for multiple reasons. Firstly the obvious one is that if we are trying to do good, we have to be open-minded about what good means, and that means we can’t go in with any preconceived notions. Another is that Positive Whiteness represents the Global White Community, a community of extraordinary ideological diversity and perspective. Because of this, we want to be able to be a voice to represent all those different viewpoints. Furthermore, considering the intensely partisan atmosphere of the modern world, being non-ideological creates a framework to find places where the different ideological communities can come together to create dialogue and harmony between them. We will also be interfacing with non-White communities who also have their own eclectic and unique viewpoints and we want to create an environment where they can easily and openly communicate with us.

As a note, being non-ideological or non-partisan doesn’t mean Positive Whiteness doesn’t support any side. The opposite. Positive Whiteness is for ALL sides. We’re for everyone. That mentality, that approach sits at our core function and informs all the decisions we make.

Now pragmatically, people will accuse Positive Whiteness of having bias one way or another. Even when we decide to remain neutral. Or we’ll be accused of bias when we take action. It would be impossible for that to not happen. Pragmatically we will have some viewpoints, which will put us in opposition with some individuals and groups no matter the backgrounds. Being pragmatic, taking the position of non-ideological is an ideological approach. But again our goal is that everyone wins and we create positive unity. We aim to bring people together, prevent violence between all communities, and create a place where good council and dialogue can heal the differences between conflicting beliefs.

So, what are the specific outcomes we’re working towards?

Positive Whiteness heavily focuses on identity. Identity is a defining nature of our experience in the world. Yet when we think of our utopian future, identity fades away as we’re defined by our moral good. So while identity will always exist, it won’t be identity that will define who we are, but our moral relationship with ourselves and with each other. That is how Positive Whiteness approaches identity and culture, and the culture and identity that Positive Whiteness is working towards.

Pragmatically though this is not an easy metric to measure. So we’ll create a simple metric that means Positive Whiteness has done its job and the organization WILL be disbanded.

If the top three measurements of race relations in America and around the world have people rating race relations being bad and/or very bad on average come under 5%, then the organization is disbanded. The specifics will be ironed out as we discuss those evaluation metrics. But it can be done. For example look at the history between Protestants and Catholics, one that was filled with war, bloodshed, oppression, and relentless discrimination. Now? They live a peaceful coexistence together as they work toward common goals. A better society, where we come together even after a destructive history, can be done. A major reason why they succeeded though, is that they had organizations that could talk with each other, build relationships and help to reform their respective communities. Positive Whiteness aims to be one of those organizations.

Our journey to help all people, to improve and edify White Society, to think critically about solving the ways of the world so all people can benefit, will be a long and arduous one. Societies often measure their success by the people at the top and they thus give fame to those the people. We argue that a society is also measured by the people at the bottom, and what society has done to lift them up. We celebrate the common person who does extraordinary things for their neighbor. For it is those people that can lead to a massive transformation of society for good. We believe in the good which comes from the love one would have for others. Love your neighbor as yourself. We must first begin our journey, by teaching and learning to love ourselves. Then, take action to love others in that same way. That is our shared dream. 

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