Positive Whiteness is founded by Stephen Grey with consultation from the Positive Identity team. When Positive Whiteness launches, our team will expand to a 12-30 range, similar to a tech startup after an initial donations/investment.

No one else has been a part of the founding, only Stephen Grey. Positive Whiteness has not ever received any outside donations, funding, or support. All aspects of Positive Whiteness at every level has been created and financially supported by Stephen Grey.

This is by design. 

Firstly, our work at Positive Identity over the last 5 years has been singularly focused on creating positive identity, perception, and action for people of all races. Asian, Black, Hispanic, Mixed, Native, and White. No other race-focused organization exists that aims to uplift every single major racial community like Positive Identity. Further, no organization exists in a non-partisan or ideological way where the goal is “everyone wins” and people of all backgrounds are supported and uplifted. Trust is deeply important, especially with something new like Positive Whiteness and we take that seriously. We want people of all identities to feel comfortable in what we do and that we’re looking to include everyone.

Another reason why Positive Whiteness is initially a one-person operation is because of the unique circumstances society finds itself in regard to Whiteness. Firstly, every Whites organization that currently exists is malicious and destructive to non-Whites and even other White people. As such, to prevent their ideas from infecting Positive Whiteness in its foundational phase, no one else is part of this to prevent any infiltration. 

On the other side of the equation, since no Whites Organization exists in a positive way, many people will be initially skeptical of the nature of Positive Whiteness. Even though Positive Whiteness is a charity that fights racism and helps all people, it will still receive opposition because it’s a Whites Organization. 

Over time after charitable work is done, constructive media is exhibited and positive culture is cultivated, buy-in will occur. Controversy is inevitable initially because in the modern American climate even the most mundane actions will create controversy. But over time it will be seen as no different than other racially focused organizations looking to create positive unity and a more equal world.

Furthermore, Positive Whiteness is very much an individual creation by Stephen Grey and thus will be carefully guided from that central point of view. Other people starting in from the beginning may have their own differing perspectives that they would speak about, and that would cause confusion for society at large. At the start, keeping things central and focused will help to create the proper framing foundation for how the organization thinks and works.

Structurally after launching the organization will take a crowdfunding approach using a mix of Direct Funding, GoFundMe, Patreon, PayPal, Checks, Bank Transfers, and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency.

Once initial funding is generated, a team of 12-30 people will be hired to help run Positive Whiteness. Positive Whiteness will use a lot of The Lean Startup methodology, which is pioneered by many successful Silicon Valley startups. Our team will also be a diverse one, with people from many different sectors of industry and culture. Further, the type of people hired will have to meet all the different political and cultural perspectives of the Global White Community. But the people hired must be people who support the mission of a Whites organization that looks to uplift people of all races and identities. 

In the long term, the organization will expect to expand even further. Because of the different fields, Positive Whiteness will cover, will require a great deal of talented personnel to meet those needs.

If you’re interested in joining, contact us. We’re looking for good people who want to do something extraordinary. Who believe in the human race and the greatness that we are capable of. We want people who are here to save the world.

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